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How to manage skills inventory

Buld a skills inventory 100 times faster than spreadsheets. Identify and fill skills gaps quckly

Identify skills gaps continuously, timely new skills updates. Reskill and upskill wisely.

Agile SpeedUpSkills Manager. Cost-effective Workforce readiness!

The Agile Speedup Skills Manager enables large organizations to build a skills inventory and identify skills gaps faster by using AI techniques. Using spreadsheets is slow, costly and outdated. Get up and running for 5,000 or more employees in one week or less.

Handles all divisions, departments, multiple locations and subsidiaries in an easy-to use UI built for C-Suite executives. Get continuous new skills updates. Access to training resources to upskill and reskill. Low learning curve.

Value and Benefits of Agile SpeedUp

  • Complete organization skills inventory
  • Divisions, Departments and Subsidiaries
  • 5,000+ employee skillsets in less than a week
  • Easy user interface, low learning curve
  • Identify internal, at-risk positions and new skills need
  • AI based design for continuous employee skills updates
  • Quick organizatio-wide notifications
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of the organization
  • Access to up-skill and reskill resources
  • Save big on talent acquisition costs
  • Bird's-eye view of employee skills and detail drilldowns
  • Perform what-if analysis for reorganizations
  • Search entire organization for employee talent profiles
  • Administer succession surveys
  • Quick data access to mployee competencies, skills, certifications, and experience
  • Boost productivity across the organization with great collaboration
  • Great value for the entire organization
  • Identify at-risk positions
  • Increased productivity and performance.
  • Uniformity of work processes.
  • Reduced wastage.
  • Reduced supervision.
  • Promoting from within.
  • Improved organizational structure.
  • Boosted morale.
  • Improved knowledge of policies and goals.
  • Agility and Quality
  • Ready-to-Deploy Experts
  • Flexible Agile Teams
  • Minimum Disruption
  • Partner Approach
  • 50% plus Cost Savings
  • Fastest Integration and Deployment
  • Customer Value Focus
  • Trusted and Reliable Service
  • Work in multiple teams of your choice
  • Increase your chances for continuous work
  • Team up with others to share, grow and learn
  • Become known as an expert in your field of work
  • Improve your agile development skills
  • See what other teams are doing
  • Work remotely at your convenience
  • Get access to the most versatile agile platform
  • Improve your personal agile team discipline
  • Meet like-minded professionals
  • Get paid promptly

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