Skills Gap

Skills Gap

Skills gaps in large organizations fluctuate frequently, driven mainly by the emergence of new technologies and changing customer needs.
Gaps usually stem from the mismatch between core critical skills needed to pursue organizational goals, and the current skills inventory. These skills gaps can develop and change rapidly and suddenly.

A high-quality workforce is the most important determinant of business success. A recurring skills gap has a direct and negative impacton an organization's ability to grow or remain competitive in the short ad long term.  The organization needs to be proactive in constantly keeping abreast of skills gap changes and filling them expeditiously.

Skills Inventory Management

Skills Gap Management

To remain relevant and competitive, organizations are obligated to manage and continuously minimize their skills gap. Failure to do so ultimately leads to decline of the organization’s competitiveness.

Here is how Agile Speedup helps organizations easily and continuously keep their skills gap narrow :

  • Regular identification of current skills gaps
  • New technologies tracking
  • Match current with org critical skill sets
  • Identify and assess employees skills regularly
  • Soft skills assessment

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