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Our Mission

To collect, organize and continuously maintain the job roles data and related skills needed by large organizations focused on IT transformation, to enable them to continuously evaluate their entire workforce readiness and easily monitor and maintain a minimal gap between their core critical skills and their onboard skills.  

Our Aim

Agile Speedup aims to enable any large organization to propel itself forward with optimum velocity through a balanced mix of skills and competencies needed to get ahead and maintain the lead in its industry sector.

Future-Proof Your Organization

A long-term view must be adopted by organizations wanting to develop and maintain leadership, where key decision-makers maintain a constant vigil on the evolution of core critical skills where gaps continuously appear over time, anticipate and minimize skills gaps and move  to speedily narrow them through commitment to continuous upskilling, reskilling or onboarding those skills before scarcity strikes.

At the same time, this long-term strategic thinking must also focus on early identification of future leaders and enabling them to grow with the digital , management , soft and other critical skills that will prepare them for future leadership of the organization.

Minimize the Skills Gap

The skills gap is not only dynamic and constantly changing, it is also a shifting target!  New job roles are appearing alongside new technologies  and new skills to handle these changes.

Agile Speedup was designed specifically to deal with skills gaps that constantly change and move.


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Agile Speedup Features

We know enough to start a buzz around this idea and allow it to mature through participation.

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The Agile Speedup method collects and organizes the skills of large organizations in a way that enables them to achieve greatest value from matching skiils and onboard ones
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