The Aerospace Industry

Aerospace is a heavy process industry.

Some phases may take many months, even years to complete. An Agile approach to project management adds enormous value in terms of time constraints and ever-increasing costs.

Quality assurance in this industry that must adhere to critical mission systems and standards, must go through lengthy certification processes before they become fully operational.

Agile aerospace teams must focus on iterating design and requirements specifications to get early feedback from all concerned.

The challenges are magnified with many teams located in distributed areas around the world.


There is an absolute need for a shared understanding and team collaboration to ensure rigorous scrutiny before actual production begins.

The agile approach enables teams to focus on creating high transparency in the project life cycle. Kanban boards are popular for communicating between lean agile teams ensuring each team is fully informed of plans.

The aerospace industry

Agile Speedup

Agile Speedup meets the challenge by facilitating the creation and management of multiple teams working remotely.

Our process can lower costs and reduce time-to-market while retaining production quality, even in large projects delivering fully operational aircraft systems.

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