Agile Ready Teams

Agile Speedup constantly recruits and updates our database of skilled and experienced agile workers from many different countries. Our database comprises thousands of qualified experts who are immediately available for inclusion in teams.

We employ automatic as well as manual procedures to speed up and maintain the status of every expert available.

Parallel Teams Speedup Transformation

Multiple teams working in parallel on different sprints will enable the organization to move ahead faster. We enable this by providing multiple teams working on different projects simultaneously. This gives the organization the opportunity to expeditiously reduce the backlog and move ahead of the competition.

Agile Ready Teams

Find Skilled People (Talent Search)

In addition to supporting multiple teams, we speed up the recruitment process by dramatically cutting down the time to find suitable talent. It takes just a few moments to find suitable candidates and one or two days to engage a particular resource person or an entire team of experts.

Anyone can enter a job role in the search box to see a list of experts who may be available for your project right now.

To target specific people or assemble a complete team, simply sign up to the site and quickly start to identify candidates to fill your talent gap!

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