Business Velocity

Business Velocity

What's behind you dosen't matter.  The real challenge is staying ahead!
"I stopped worrying about the start. The end is what's important"  Usain Bolt.

Business velocity is the ingredient needed to keep the business ahead of its competition. The fuel that drives this engine is its human resources. A key question arises : How do you ensure the fuel mix is just right for the engine? In other words, the mix of business skills must be precisely aligned with the business goals in order to drive the business forward to achieve optimum velocity.

Agile Speedup aims to enable an organization to propel itself forward with maximum velocity through an optimum mix of skills and competencies needed to get ahead and maintain the lead in its business sector.
Business velocity

Business velocity

Agility, Speed and Velocity

Though agility, speed and velocity are related to the ability to keep the business on track with goals that can put it constantly ahead of the competition, these are not the same. There are some major differences.  

Business agility  : Business agility is the ability of a business to deliver improved customer experiences at scale and with speed.  It enables organizations to better respond to change and manage uncertainty.
In other words, the business is headed on a track that is focused on delivering customer value at a pace that is consistent with customer expectations.

Speed :  Speed is moving ahead swiftly and blindly without direction.
Delivering software fast does not equal delivering software that is valuable or meaningful. It does not serve a useful purpose if it is not advancing organizational results.
Losing sight of customer value is losing direction of your efforts, and speed does not matter. 
Speed does not win the race. Without direction, you will end up in the scrap yard!

Business velocity  : Velocity in business is how long it takes a company to achieve certain milestones measured in days, hours, or minutes. It is the amount of work that is completed in a given time. Velocity is directional.
Velocity implies you are locked on target, the end goal, and you maintain that direction throughout.

Each lap of the race is a sprint! To stay ahead you must keep your eyes on the road ahead.

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