Business Teams

Business Partners

Agile Speedup partners with businesses that have skilled agile teams available to work on agile sprints.

Partner Teams

Businesses that want to offer their teams to work on Agile Speedup’s customers projects must first undergo a prequalification process. Details are available when you sign up to offer your services.

Training providers

Types of Teams

Partner teams have the opportunity to solicit contracts to work on projects submitted by our customers. Business partner teams have skills in these areas :

  • Functional Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Virtual Teams
  • Self-Directed Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Quality Circles
  • Agile-Ready Teams

Businesses interested in offering their services to Agile Speedup customers can sign up through the website. One of our executives will contact you to discuss details of the arrangements.

Contact us today to discuss how you can partner with us to offer services of your skilled agile IT teams to our customers.

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