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Manage Skills Gap | Critical Talent | Fast, accurate Skills Inventory | Soft Skills
HR analytics | Prepare Future Leaders | Upskilling, Reskilling | HR strategy
Manage Skills Gap | Critical Talent | Fast, accurate Skills Inventory | Soft Skills
HR analytics | Prepare Future Leaders | Upskilling, Reskilling | HR strategy
Why Choose Agile Speedup

Agile Speedup is the solution that large organizations need today to maintain workforce readiness in a fiercely competitive landscape.  It offers the simplest, fastest and most accurate may to manage the skills inventory of a large organization and keep it consistent with continuously changing demands.

By enabling an organization to view a snapshot of the organization's onboard skills and competencies and matching them with their core critical skills and competencies, the organization is better able to plan their programs for upskilling, reskilling and recruiting to keep their skills gap minimal.

The longer-term results are  faster responses to customer change, improved organizational competitiveness, and improved profitability!


Agile speedup offers the ultimate in simplicity needed to manage a large and dynamic skills gap and deliver continuous accurate results.

With a simple UI and continuous data intelligence, combuned with AI technology, an organization of any size can initiate and with just a few keystrokes, render the entire skills inventory in a matter of days!

Our unique method accommodates job roles of any type matched to their skills, with little effort from the administrator..

Best Value


Once the organizational criteria are defined, a process that takes less than one hour, the administrator initiates the process ahat automatically ripples through the organizational components to generate the current skills inventory. With participation by all members of the organization, the results are quickly compiled into the critical information needed to guide key decisions about the state of human resources, skills, competencies and gaps in the skills base.

With this information on hand, decision-makers can quickly pinpoint areas for  skills improvement and plan to close skills gaps expeditiously.

By repeating this process frequently, the organization is able to continuously narrow the gap between the onboard skills and the critical core skills needed to propel the organization ahead.


Quality of the information generated by the system is of utmost importance as it forms the basis for guiding key decisions about the composition and suitability of the organization's human resource base.  The processes utilized by the Agile Speedup ensures a high level of accuracy of the data and quality of the information generated by the system.

Supplementary information is collected and made available to the administrators to help identify areas for improvement.

Best Value

Agile Speedup delivers an ROI above one hundred times the investment required!
Armed with the speed and accuracy of the information delivered by Agile Speedup, the ability to make timely and better informed decisions about improvement of its human resources, the organization has one of the most powerful tools it can use to hone its skills base, maximize customer value and maintain a competitive advantage in its marketplace.

Adoption of this tool, when combined with the Agile Speedup method, ensures best value is delivered to customers in the long run.

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