Skills and Leadership

Future Leadership

Ten years from now, businesses will look and operate fundamentally differently. To prepare for the future, we need to determine ways to grow the new type of leaders that will be at the helm of large organizations of tomorrow.

Future leaders must embrace technology and know-how to best leverage it to serve their organization. They need to be tech-savvy and digitally fluent but also be proficient in soft skills..

Skills Inventory Management

Leadership and Succession Planning

Organizations wishing to develop compentent leaders use Agile Speedup to identify, evaluate and nurture employees who show potential to move into leadership positions in future. This has become one of the cornerstones of the strategy of major organizations in succession planning.

Leadership Skills

While we cannot predict future, we can safely say that future leaders will require to master two types of skills : 
a) soft skills and
b) technological intelligence.

The best leaders will be those who develop and maintain technology awareeness and able to superpose their soft skills on top of this

Soft Skills

Soft skills incorporated into Agile Speedup include :  flexibility, transparency and trust, communications, appreciation of diversity, nimble thinking , anticipation, empathy, curiosity, agility, emotional intelligence, cultucral intelligence and global awareness. 

Technological Intelligence

Technological intelligence goes beyond knowing what is available today but also awareness of emerging technologies.

The Agile Speedup method not only maintains a comprehensive collection of technologies in use today, but also uses machine intelligence methods to identify and incorporate new and emerging technologies into its database. 

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