Payment Method

Agile Speedup supports recurring payments for subscription licenses as well as fixed one-time payments for technical development involving sprints.

Payment Arrangement

Depending on the service being rendered to the client, two types of payments can be in effect :

a)  License subscription :  payments are processed monthly based on the particular license selected by the customer and in effect at the time. Payments are processed monthly on the anniversary of the selection  and  billed in advance.

b)  Development jobs :  which require a retainer contract that specifies the amount of time (generally in hours and weeks) that the relationship is to be retained for while being paid at an hourly rate. For example, you can specify that the developers need to work 20 hours per week for 10 weeks with associated rates; the contract can be renewed or adjusted as the project evolves. This is the most ideal structure for an agile approach to software development, as you can adjust project requirements throughout development while ensuring the company will stick to a schedule.

Flexibility Benefits

Retainer contracts grant you with the flexibility of a time and materials contract while enforcing consistent work schedules like a fixed rate contract.

Payment Method
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