Product Leaders

Product Leaders, Managers or Owners are employees of the organization that owns the project. They identify the needs and determine the changes in their product roadmap, items of work to be done, schedule and their priorities. Product Managers or Owners are generally primary members of the project team and dictate the terms of the work to be done.

Unique Agile Methodology

In our unique Agile Speedup Methodology, Product Managers or Owners liaise closely with our Scrum Owner to share detailed information and direct customer feedback about the project that ensures the team is continuously appraised of changes on the current sprint.

Free Assessment

Product Managers or Owners can easily get started with a FREE project assessment when they submit a project online.

Call us today for a free consult on how outsourcing your IT development and working with remote teams can help your business go further faster and reduce costs.

Product Leaders
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