Technical Support

The Agile Speedup marketplace offers access to a large database of skilled experts experienced in the methodology. Composition of the team is based on the requirements of a particular sprint. Teams are assembled based on the skill and availability of team members.

Our agile team resources include support of the following types of skills :

  • Scrum masters
  • Business analysts and consultants
  • System architects
  • Application engineers
  • Application developers
  • Database administrators
  • UX/UI designers
  • Product proxies
Technical Support

A happy customer is our greatest asset! Here are some of our key support services :

  • A single contact person for all projects we undertake
  • Multiple ways to contact us especially after-hours and weekends
  • meticulous project planning
  • customer and user tested UI designs
  • thorough testing of all development work
  • Emergency contact
  • Contact us by telephone, email, SMS, chat, WhatsApS or skype.

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