Sprints and Skills
Agile Sprints and Skills

Agile Sprints

Every organization that is engaged in IT transformation handle their development through a roadmap that prioritizes the tasks to be done by agile teams.
Members are assigned to teams  based on their skills and competencies in the technologies necessary for the project.

Team members followin the agile methodology are constantly sharing expertise and  learning from each other. They also engage frequently in skills upgrading and self-learning usually necessary to perform their role in the project. Their skills are being continuously upgraded as they complete the sprints to which they are assigned.

Agile Speedup taps into this environment enabling  agile team members to continuously update their most recenty-acquired skills. Combined with formal training, upskilling and reskilling efforts by the organization, Agile Speedup is able to maintain the most up-to-date snapshot of the organizations onboard skills.

With the most current data available on their skills capabilities, organizations are better able to plan their roadmap for more successful human resource upgrading.

Skills Inventory Management

Skills Gap Management

Having up-to-date data on the organization's onboard skills, enables the organization to more accurately identify skills gaps and continuously minimize them. This way they are able to continuously maintain workforce readiness that ultimately increases competitiveness of the organization in the long term..  

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