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 Manage Skills Gap

The Dynamic Skills Gap
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Our agileWorkforceAI experts offer skills in over five hundred technologies, business applications and processes.

For easy access and convenience, skills are arranged into the major categories listed below.

  • Systems Software : Operating Systems, Drivers, Firmware, Compilers, Utilities
  • Programming Languages : Assembly-Machine, Command Line, Compiled, Interpreted, Scripting
  • Networking : Network Configuration, PAN, LAN, WAN, MAN, WLAN, VPN, CAN
  • Databases : Relational, MySQL, NoSQL, Object Oriented, Graph
  • Tools & Facilities : Developer Tools, Programming Tools
  • Methods & Practices : Development Methodologies, Team Collaboration, System Lifecycle Management
  • Business Service Providers : Digital Transformation Service, Business Process Transformation, Requirements Determination
Expert Skillset Categories

At WorkforceAI, we recruit our team members from experts around the world. Experts who join the WorkforceAI community select the set of skills they can offer and rate their competence in each skill area.


To ensure we only engage people with verified skills and experience, we adopt a rigorous process to test and pre-qualify every resource person before they are accepted and assigned to a team. Our assessment methods includes verification of key characteristics that cover : technical skills, WorkforceAI methodology experience, remote work abilities and team work attitude.

Further assessments will be done in a blockchain being developed for this.


Every expert is also rated by their colleagues, other experts who have the same skills. To ensure validity, raters are selected randomly from others who have achieved high level ratings. Ratings are done before being assigned to a team and updated regularly to ensure our experts keep up-to-date on the latest advances in their skill areas.

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