What We Do

In a Nutshell

We build and maintain mission-critical applications that enable organizations operating in a fast-paced environment, to keep their core critical skills tuned to the latest advances in information technology.

The skills gap is expected to grow larger worldwide. It poses the biggest challenge to organizations that struggle to keep abreast of change.

At Agile Speedup, our focus is on continuously maintaining a narrow skills gap in organizations and enabling them to accelerate their IT transformation.
We deliver a simple yet powerful means that speed up the skills assessment of the entire organization, without wasteful delays from inefficient and antiquated methods.
The results are greater value and benefits for both IT workers and employers :

  • Faster refresh of the organizations's skills inventory
  • More accurate information to support human resource decisions
  • Close monitoring of critical skills gaps in the organization
  • Ensured long-term competitiveness of the organization
Better Employer-Worker Relationship
AWhat We Do

Through accurate identification of new or emerging skills gaps, organizations will be better able to plan and implement upskilling and reskilling programs that keep their employees ready to meet the challenges in the fast-changing environment.

Organizations that want to advance their push into their market, will ensure they have the skills in place to achieve their goals.

Game Changer

Employee skills and competence are the most valued assets of an organization today. They are the core ingredients needed to handle change, the constant factor that drives business progress.

As customer needs and technology innovation advance, and more powerful means of competing become available, demands have also been growing for faster, better and cheaper ways to manage skills inventories and keep the critical skills og the organization honed.

Scarcity of critical skills in growing and is expected to continue well into the future as also is the competition for them. Those that can adapt speedily to changes in customer demands and new technology advances today, they will be the ones to succeed in tomorrow's world.

Enterprise Solution

Agile Speedup is an enterprise solution designed to manage the skills base of large organizations to keep their onboard skills closely aligned with the core critical skills needed.
The solution is ideally suitable for organizations operating in any of these industries :

  • Financial services
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Distribution
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Health Personal Wellbeing
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Technology

Here are a few of the areas where best-of-breed skills and up-to-date technologies are currently in demand : :

  • Remote team management
  • Applications development platforms
  • UX/UI design technologies
  • Cloud network and security
  • Experienced advisors and coaches in agile methods
  • Communication tools
  • Continuous delivery and updates methods
  • Agile training courses
  • Cloud deployment and management
  • website performance audits
  • Systems maintenance and support
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