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Skills First Intelligence

Skills Intelligence -  A Skills First Approach

 Prioritizing skills as the business currency is an imperative for sustainable success in today's competitive world.

 Skills intelligence is a key enabler of strategic decision making dealing with skills and jobs for individuals, organizations, cities, regions, and countries.

It's the process of learning who has which skills, analyzing how they are applying those skills on the job, and making decisions on how to better cultivate them through learning opportunities. 

A Skills First Strategy

Formulating a skills strategy is a basic component of the corporate strategy. To succeed, it requires the recognition, participation and involvement by the stakeholders, the CEO, C-Suite executives and policy-makers.


A Skills-First Culture

Fostering a skills-first culture, is a corporate responsibility for senior management working as a team with support of and enablement of HR department as the lead of this initiative.

The process starts BEFORE attempting a workforce planning exercise.
Trying to define workforce strategy without suitable data is shooting in the dark with blind folders.

Skills Inventory Management


WorkforceAI and the Skills-First Strategy

WorkforceAI focuses on the skills of people within the organization.
Implementing the WorkforceAI methodology start with a clear statement of the company's HR strategy and measurable skills and their competencies goals.

The entire process of the platform is focused on the collection of data from within the organization that enables the measurement of success against these goals.

Where inconsistencies are detected, flags are raised by the algorithms and routed to our knowledgeable team of humans for further assessment.

HR and Skills Inventory

Focus on Skills-First Approach

A skills-first approach implies :

  • A skills-first approach focuses on whether a person has the right skills and competencies for a particular role, rather than having the right degree, job history or previous job titles
  • A skills-first approach vastly increases the potential pool of talent from which they can draw.
  • Furthermore, it democratizes access to good jobs for those people who have the competencies but not the right formal qualifications for a role.
  • Adopting a skills-first approach has the potential to deliver a significant win for individuals, for businesses, for our society and the economy.

The Starting Point

 It starts with with an accurate and up-to-date skills inventory.

Traditional methods that include :  Questionnaires and Surveys, or interviews to  compile a collection of spreadsheets from HRIS or HCM records and resumes are impractical in today's fast-paced business world.

WorkforceAI has a unique solution, the only one of its kind today. 
It enables a fast an accurate AI driven method that large and medium-sized businesses  obtain FREELY within 24 hours on signup for the service.

Deployment of AI

WorkforceAI incorporates AI to build and maintain a job roles and related skills taxonomy. 

This enables continuous evolvement of a database that caters to new job roles and skills as new technologies roll out.

Future-proof your organization with a skills Inventory today!

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