WorkforceAI is the fastest way to handle continuous change needs in your workforce skills.... It leverages the power of AI to integrate skills data, people and technology with an easy UI that facilitates better informed decision-making. By identifying changing skills gaps and providing the means to quickly up-skill people, it engenders perpetual workforce readiness and sustainability, leading to massively transformative business outcomes. Read more
About the Company

Our Beliefs

Our core belief is that businesses that are more focused on sustainability, rather than results of the next quarter, will survive and thrive in the future. Businesses can only achieve this longer-term goal by adopting a strategy that keeps pace with change and places people skills at its core.

AI-Driven with Great Value

WorkforceAI is the AI-driven Skills Gap Management platform for executives of large organizations that enables them to easily maintain workforce readiness, with speed and minimal effort. It delivers a higher ROI, as new technologies rollout accelerates!

The platform offers a practical easy-to-adopt, trusted, AI-driven method aimed at supporting key decisions being made by senior executives of  large organizations who need a faster, better way to achieve and maintain workforce readiness. It is built on a secure highly scalable SaaS platform that delivers valuable, up-to-date information and insight into workforce skills gaps on an ongoing basis. It delivers current decision-making information smarter and more efficiently than any existing method today. 

A long-term view must be adopted by organizations wanting to develop and maintain leadership, where key decision-makers maintain a constant vigil on the evolution of core critical skills where gaps continuously appear over time, anticipate and minimize skills gaps and move to speedily narrow them through commitment to continuous up-skilling, re-skilling or on boarding those skills before scarcity strikes.

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Minimize the Skills Gap Faster

The skills gap is not only dynamic and constantly changing, it is also a shifting target!  New job roles are appearing alongside new technologies and new skills to handle these changes.

WorkforceAI was designed specifically to deal with skills gaps that constantly change and move.

Soft Skills and Leadership

Through early Identification of  employees who have a propensity for this soft skills that are essential for leadership tomorrow, the organization will be able to go further and faster into the future. This long-term strategic approach must focus on early identification of these employees and groom them for future leadership in the organization.

WorkforceAI Features

Here is a summary of some of the key features of WorkforceAI :

  • Focus on speed in response to change
  • Decision support orientation
  • Whole organization or branch level processing
  • Regular team review and skills assessment
  • Fast skills inventory
  • Continuous new job titles and skills
  • Decision-oriented data
  • Strategy and skills assessment
  • Critical and core skills identification
  • Soft skills and leadership potential
  • Fast identification of skills gaps
  • Current in-house skills 
  • Access to skills update resources


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Privacy and Security

The WorkforceAI method collects and organizes employees' skillsets data in large organizations in a way that enables them to achieve the greatest value from access to accurate data for informed decision-making. We understand and fully respect the sensitivity of employees' data. 

All data are kept protected by the means available. We treat your data with the same caution and  protection as we treat our own.

Check our Privacy Policy and Security pages for further details.

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